About Do Justice

Do Justice Consulting, LLC is a Minnesota-based consulting company dedicated to training, equipping, and building the capacity of criminal justice and systems professionals, advocacy organizations, and churches to help victims and spread awareness about sex trafficking, sexual exploitation, and other forms of sexual violence.

Ending sexual violence requires a multi-disciplinary approach.  While the end goal might be the same, everyone has a different role to play.  Each role carries with it certain obligations, expectations, and duties.  In addition, everyone brings to the table various combinations of skills, resources, and experiences.  The key is to help each organization identify their role, find their niche, and coordinate effectively with other partners in their community.

Do Justice helps organizations capitalize on the unique abilities and characteristics of their staff, partners, and communities through Training, Technical Assistance and New Program Development, and Consulting services.

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Do Justice Consulting believes that:

  • Victims and survivors are experts in their own right, and deserve to have their voices heard in the justice system, in policy and legislative work, and the development of best practices;
  • Services provided to victims should be victim-centered and trauma-informed, combining professional expertise with insight from both survivors and advocates on the front lines;
  • Primary prevention - stopping the harm before it starts - is the key to ending all forms of sexual violence, and developing ways to incorporate prevention strategies in social justice work must be a priority;
  • Our society and culture today tolerates - even facilitates and encourages - sexual violence in its various forms, and the only way to achieve change is through effective partnerships and collaboration in the criminal justice system, advocacy services, and the faith community.

About Your Trainer: 

Noelle Volin is an attorney and consultant working to increase awareness about sex trafficking and other forms of sexual exploitation.  Noelle helps build the capacity of advocates and service providers, law enforcement and other criminal justice system professionals, churches, and communities to serve victims and end sexual exploitation. 

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For Criminal Justice and Systems Professionals: 

It's often law enforcement, probation, prosecutors, public defenders, and other criminal justice system professionals who first encounter a victim of sexual exploitation. Navigating the justice system can be traumatizing for victims, and correctly identifying them can be a challenge for those working in the field.  Learning about red flags and applying trauma-informed and victim-centered practices will help professionals achieve justice for victims.

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For Advocates and Service Providers: 

Community-based advocacy organizations and other service providers play a vital role in a victim's recovery and transition to a healthy, productive life.  Best practices encourage the integration of survivor-staff, as well as the victim-centered and trauma-informed practices.

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For Faith Communities: 

Churches often ask, "How can we help?" The answer is as diverse as your congregation! There are many ways in which faith communities can build awareness and serve victims - with the right tools and knowledge.  But what churches often forget is the important role they play in primary prevention - stopping the harm before it starts.  

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